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For Developers

Source code

The source code is now available through our subversion (SVN) server. You can get access the server in read-only mode at:

  • server URL: svn://
  • chekout: svn co svn:// sage-dev

As of early november 2012, a few extra branches exists containing on-going work on the audio API and on stereo 3D support. These branches will be folded in the main branches in a few weeks.

Compilation / Installation

  • cd sage-dev
  • ./configure
  • make (or in parallel: make -j 12)
  • make build
  • make install (by default in $HOME/sage, change PREFIX in Makefile)


  • cd $SAGE_DIRECTORY/bin
  • ./sage
  • press START/STOP


  • files in $SAGE_DIRECTORY/sageConfig or ~/.sageConfig
  • fsManager.conf: global settings (IP address of master, tiling file, …)
  • stdtile.conf: layout of your cluster and displays