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openSuse 12.3 64bits binary packages

openSuse 12.2 64bits binary packages

openSuse 12.1 64bits binary packages

openSuse 11.4 64bits binary packages

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64bits binary packages

Ubuntu 11.04 64bits binary packages

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64bits binary packages

fedora 18 64bits binary packages

fedora 17 64bits binary packages

Other distribution

Coming as demands is made to us (if you’d like to maintain a binary package for your favorite distribution, contact the SAGE team)

Bootable distribution

We provide a bootable and installable complete distribution to run SAGE in minutes. It is based on the latest openSuse, with all the dependencies necessary to run SAGE. Burn the image on DVD or USB, boot from the it, and install the OS on your hard-drive (password: linux).

  • openSuse 12.3 64bits
    • DVD Linux 12.3 - opensuse 12.3 v7 , size 2 GB, (posted on 2013-03-19)
  • openSuse 12.2 64bits
    • DVD Linux 12.2 - based on openSuse 12.2 64bits (larger since containing Nvidia CUDA in /extras) , size 1.98 GB, (posted on 2013-03-06)
  • openSuse 12.1 64bits
    • DVD Linux 12.1 - based on openSuse 12.1 , size 1.52 GB, (posted on 2013-03-06)
  • openSuse 11.4 64bits
    • DVD Linux 11.4 - based on openSuse 11.4 64bits , size 999 MB, (posted on 2013-03-06)

Pointer, UI, and apps

See this page: SAGE Pointer and UI


Get the documentation at